Bench Press (Weight)
Press 3×8

superset set with Strict Pull-Ups "Cluster" Sets for example (3 X 5,4,3)

Rest :25 secs between sets so 5 rest 25 sec then 4 rest 25 sec etc and 2:00 between "clusters." Use a load or level of assistance (modifying to challenging Ring Rows as needed) that allows you to perform quality reps each cluster.

This involves doing multiple challenging but submaximal effort sets. The key is to push just shy of muscular failure and not beyond it.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
6 Rounds

1 Min SA KB Hang Clean & Jerk (switch every 5 reps)24/16KG

30s Rest

1 Min Ab Mat Sit Ups

30s Rest

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