We believe in fitness for life, giving each person, from absolute beginner to competitor, the guidance to gain a level of fitness and strength that will enable them to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

Viribus is a community environment where we encourage and help each other grow. Our personal approach means that you will have a professional and qualified trainer get to know you during your induction and create a program which gives you the tools to become the best you can be. This personalised experience throughout allows each individual to have a personal tailored pathway to health whilst having fun as part of a welcoming community.

Following the personalised induction, members can take one-hour class workouts. These classes have been carefully designed by our trainers to push you and to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We have an online logbook where each member can record their results and measure their progress to ensure that they are constantly challenging themselves.

stephen crockett

Trainer Stevey
Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

Energy is key to making things happen in life and it is something which takes work. Each person in their circumstances must engage with their own energy and utilise it as best they can in order to be the best they can be – personal health and fitness are crucial. I have competed in sports my whole life and this has only had a positive impact on me.

Having been a school teacher for ten years I was heavily involved in coaching, enjoying watching people go from beginner to competitor and sometimes onto professional. I competed in boxing, long distance running and now I am now starting to compete in CrossFit.

I first came across CrossFit while living in New York City, I went looking for a conventional gym to keep things ticking over, but what I got was something completely different. I was lucky to be a member of a great CrossFit gym in Brooklyn. During my introduction, I learned new moves which were based on lifestyle and gained more varied fitness that prepared me for all tasks. I started to record my results and became motivated to do so. Since then, I have qualified as a CrossFit trainer and haven’t looked back, particularly in regards to energy and well-being. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you on board, whatever your level.


I have been a CrossFit coach and athlete since 2014.
I practiced a wide range of sports since childhood, from collective sports like basketball and soccer to individual sports like judo and swimming.
In 2012, as an American football player, I started to live the strength and conditioning world to become a better athlete. That’s when I found my passion to study the human body and everything that we are able to do to become fitter.
Two years later, searching for some new methods to incorporate into my training, I discovered CrossFit and it changed my life. I realised that the most important thing wasn’t elite performance for elite athletes, but to help the regular people to become healthier and the best version of themselves.
I’ve been coaching CrossFit in several gyms in Brazil during the past years and also have previous experience in coaching Olympic gymnastic.
Nowadays, my focus is to understand better all the aspects of fitness and use it to make a difference in the life of each client.
Looking forward to meeting you in the gym and to support you to achieve your goals!

trainer ash

Trainer Ash
Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

My name is coach Ash and “I believe in fitness”.

Sports and fitness have always been a part of my life, from playing football and boxing at a competitive level from a young age to the first time I stepped foot into a free weights gym at 16.

I have lived and trained all over the world. Most people, when they arrive to a new destination, go for a stroll and take in the sites. I set out to find a good gym or more recently a CrossFit box (after discovering CrossFit in NYC in 2014). In all the gyms and boxes I go I’m always keen to learn something new and be able to share my knowledge with others – this was the reason I became a qualified CrossFit trainer.

My ideology when it comes to fitness is simple “If you keep doing the right things inside and outside of the gym you will become the best you can be”. Where I come in is making people realize they have complete control of their bodies and choices in order for them to reach their full physical potential.

Having worked for many years in the corporate world after graduating from University, it was here I believe I learned valuable skills such as discipline, drive, hard work ethic and became goal focused. I use these today when coaching my clients, by helping them set challenges for themselves and for each other. In this way we can “keep moving forward” together to be the best that we can be.

Looking forward to seeing you in Viribus CrossFit and sharing a class together. Just make sure to come and say hi.

Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

My name is Conrado Sanchez, I graduated in sports from the University of Almeria (Spain), Personal Trainer and CrossFit coach. Gaining Level One in CrossFit Coaching.
My life has been very much related to sports, as a child, I played different sports such as basketball, soccer and tennis.

At the age of 18, I got my degree as a football coach and I spent 3 years coaching teams of different categories.
Also when I was 18 I started to practice CrossFit, like many other people, it was because I was bored with the conventional gym, since then I have never stopped training. For me, commitment is the key to success for any of the goals you set, and you will get that adherence if you manage to find what motivates and entertains you, and from my point of view, CrossFit fulfils these requirements.

I lived one year in Poland and in several cities in Spain, and in every place I visited, I went to a CrossFit box to train and learn how they worked, this was a valuable learning experience. I also bought a T-shirt in every box I visit ;).
I look forward to meeting you in the box and helping you in any way possible!