We believe that yoga can make you a more well-rounded and balanced CrossFit athlete. Yoga offers many benefits that are closely linked to CrossFit: making you more aware of your movement patterns, improving  breathing, as well as balance and ultimately helping optimise your range of motion.

How does this translate to real results in the box? The increased core and shoulder strength from downward dog and free-standing headstands translate to a heavier shoulder press and better hand-stand push up positioning. The combination of pigeon, chair and warrior poses will help ease tension from your hips and hamstrings, which means breaking parallel on your full Clean, full Snatch and wall balls will be easier than ever. Not to mention the mental benefits of yoga – keeping you focused “in the moment” of a tough WOD.

Yoga class every Sunday @ 10.15am, free to members. WhatsApp the box to reserve your space. 15 Euro drop in rate to non-members.